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David Brophy
Senior Lecturer in History of Modern China, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Sydney

Natasha Kassam
Chief Director, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy Program

Peter Chen
Senior Lecturer in Media Politics/Public Policy/Australian Politics at the University of Sydney

Jette Radley
Director of Project Planning, Asia Society

Jenny Leong
NSW Legislative Assembly Newtown election for state MP


Anti-Asian hate crimes have increased nearly 150% since 2020. However, as the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) states, "Racism is more than words, beliefs and actions. It includes all barriers to the enjoyment of dignity and equality because of race".

In this event, we will discuss the living conditions of Asians in terms of political power, education, income, promotion index and stereotypes.

#1 Asian-Australians are underrepresented politically;
#2 Asian-Australian education index has increased in science and engineering, but creative arts and education are still underrepresented;
#3 Salary gap due to ethnic background;
#4 How Asian Australians struggle to break through the 'bamboo ceiling';
#5 Stereotypes about Asians.

In the "China Forum" event held this time, we invited five senior expert lecturers and scholars to discuss and analyze in detail the "Asian Hate" that has swept through the epidemic again from a multi-dimensional perspective, and how to improve and face it. against this discrimination.

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