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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have moved all our events online this semester. Follow the links below to our most recent ‘China Talk Special Online Editions’.

2020 semester 2 events

CHINA TALK | Government and Social Media


Truely an amazing event! The CDS team would like to show our sincere appreciation to all the four guest speakers for their great contributions to this ChinaTalk Webinar—‘Social Media and the Government’. Their insights were truly professional and impressive. We would also like to thank all the attendees. Hope you find this event interesting and fruitful. 


If you couldn’t attend, it is perfectly fine! We have prepared a recap summarising and highlighting all the key points discussed in the Webinar.

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming events. If you have any question, follow us on Facebook of ‘USYD China Development Society’ and don’t hesitate to message us!



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2019 semester 2 events



China has launched the Social Credit System to standardise individual behaviours, which serves for the purpose of national security. CCTV cameras have been placed to monitor public areas, and ranking have taken effect to differentiate citizens from ‘untrustworthy’ and ‘trustworthy’ based on their daily life activities.


China’s Social Credit System is a starting point for this China Talk, from which we launch a deeper discussion on the social implications of surveillance concerning national security, privacy concerns, and the pollical and economic value of data in both China and Western societies.

 Our speakers were Prof. Charlotte Epstein (Associate Professor at the Department of Government and International Relations, USYD) and Prof. Haiqing Yu (Associate Professor and Vice-Chancellor’s Principal Research Fellow at the School of Media and Communications, RMIT).

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As ‘Made in China’ labels are increasingly replaced with ‘Made in Vietnam’, ‘Made in Cambodia’ … ones, many are convinced that the world is now experiencing the fifth industry transfer from China to Southeast Asian countries.


This China Talk focuses on the new round of transformations in the global industrial division of labour. We centre the discussion around the question ‘which countries in Southeast Asia have the greatest potential to undertake such industries from China and become the next world factory?’.

Our speakers were Dr. Yeow-Tong Chia (senior lecturer in History Curriculum Education, USYD; Country Coordinator for Singapore with the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre), Prof. Adrian Vickers (Professor of Southeast Asian Studies, USYD), and Dr. Jane Gavan (senior lecturer in Visual Arts, USYD).



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With no doubt, effective management of a global-scale health crisis such as the coronavirus outbreak requires a collaborative effort between different nations.


What is the role of the World Health Organisation in facilitation cooperation between countries?


What is the ideal state of international cooperation? And how do we find a balance between science and politics?

Hear from Prof. Jeremy Youde, Prof. Kelley Lee, Prof. Li Xue, and Dr Alexander Korolev about their views on the topic.


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Since the coronavirus outbreak at the end of 2019, it had quickly prompted a global economic collapse. Bringing a tremendous loss to the world economy, it had undoubtedly affected industries such as tourism and retail.


Penultimately, it had instigated multiple concerns in our lives, as people observe the unforeseen rises in the unemployment rate and stagnant GDP.

We invited three experts in Economics and Finance: Prof. Hans Hendrischke, A/Prof. Mark Melatos, and Dr. Eliza Wu to discuss the economic impacts of the coronavirus outbreak.


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