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Prof. Adrian Vickers

Professor Adrian Vickers, Professor of Southeast Asian Studies. Member of the South East Asia Centre, Sydney

Dr Jane Gavan

Dr Jane Gavan Senior Lecturer in Visual Arts, Member of the Sydney South East Asia Centre

Dr Yeow Tong Chia

Dr Yeow Tong Chia, Senior Lecturer in History Curriculum Education, Member of the Sydney South East Asia Centre, President of the Malaysian and Singaporean Society of Australia (MASSA)



As ‘Made in China’ labels are increasingly replaced with ‘Made in Vietnam’, ‘Made in Cambodia’ … ones, many are convinced that the world is now experiencing the fifth industry transfer from China to Southeast Asian countries.


This China Talk focuses on the new round of transformations in the global industrial division of labour. We centre the discussion around the question ‘which countries in Southeast Asia have the greatest potential to undertake such industries from China and become the next world factory?’.

Our speakers were Dr. Yeow-Tong Chia (senior lecturer in History Curriculum Education, USYD; Country Coordinator for Singapore with the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre), Prof. Adrian Vickers (Professor of Southeast Asian Studies, USYD), and Dr. Jane Gavan (senior lecturer in Visual Arts, USYD).

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