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China Talk |WHO & Global Governance 

​Event Trailer

Main Topics:

1. The Role of WHO

With no doubt, effective management of a global-scale health crisis such as the coronavirus outbreak requires a collaborative effort between different nations. What is the role of the World Health Organisation in facilitation cooperation between countries?

Viewing Guide: 

00:00 What is the WHO’s prioritization process when managing health crises? 

02:30 How does the WHO balance its primary role in governing global health and the political implications of its actions? 

07:00 What impact will the US’s defunding of the WHO have on the combat to COVID-19 and future pandemics?

2. International Cooperation

The coronavirus outbreak have occupied the news headlines since the start of this year. It didn’t take long for the virus to travel from Wuhan to the entire globe. This global pandemic is not simply a health crisis, but also a mirror that reflects numerous political and social problems faced by different nations. What would be the ideal state of international cooperation in the face of such a global pandemic?  How have relationships between nations changed? How do we balance science and politics?  

Viewing guide:

0:00 To what extent has the situation of this health crisis influenced trust between countries?

2:13 How would you describe an optimal state of international cooperation and how do we get there? 

6:37 How do we maximise global effort and international cooperation when countries have inconsistent ways of tackling the crisis? 

9:40 How will COVID-19 affect the future of China-US relationship from a political perspective? 

15:40 Further comments?

3. China's Image in Global Community

China had gained extensive attention from the international community, even since the virus outbreak started. How have China’s interactions with the international community affected its image? China has been inspired to be a vital global citizen in the 21st century, but how would the outbreak of COVID-19 affectChina’s role and position in the world stage?

0:00 How will COVID-19 change the global perspective towards China? 

04:40 What were some key interactions between China and the international community during this outbreak and how have these interactions affected its image? 

09:00 How will this altered image interrupt China’s long-standing agenda as a global citizen?  

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