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Prof. Jeremy Youde

- public health experts

- Member of the Editorial Board of Global Health Governance

- President of the Global Health Division of the International Studies Association

Prof. Kelley Lee

- Expert in International Relations and Global Health Governance

- Co-founder of WHO Collaborating Center on Global Change and Health

- Chair, Department of Globalization, Trade, and Health Resources, World Health Organization

Prof. Li Xue

- Expert on China's foreign strategy and international relations

- Director, Researcher, International Strategy Research Office, Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

- Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Dr. Alexander Korolev 

- Expert on China and International Relations

- Nankai University Master's Degree in International Relations

- Ph.D. in Political Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

- Published multiple peer-reviewed articles related to China and international relation


With no doubt, effective management of a global-scale health crisis such as the coronavirus outbreak requires a collaborative effort between different nations.


What is the role of the World Health Organisation in facilitation cooperation between countries?


What is the ideal state of international cooperation? And how do we find a balance between science and politics?

Hear from Prof. Jeremy Youde, Prof. Kelley Lee, Prof. Li Xue, and Dr Alexander Korolev about their views on the topic.

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