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Prof. Leonard

Professor Leonard is currently Chair of the Australian Computer Society's Artificial Intelligence Ethics Committee, co-founder/partner of leading Sydney law firm Gilbert + Tobin, and Professor of Practice (Information Systems and Business Law) at the University of New South Wales Business School.

Prof. Weatheral

Professor Weatherall is Associate Dean for Research Direction at the University of Sydney Law School and a member of the Australian Computer Society's Artificial Intelligence Ethics Committee. His research interests include law and emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, intellectual property law, and copyright law

Prof. Caetano

Professor Caetano is the Chief Scientist of the Gradient Institute. He holds a PhD from the University of Alberta, Canada, and has been an Associate Professor and Lecturer at the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales and the Australian National University.


With the rapid development of technology, the development of artificial intelligence is constantly a hot topic in the academic, media and cultural worlds. Time and again you hear in the news about the use of AI robots in different fields. Scientific and technological discoveries themselves are morally neutral, but the use people make of them is not. Every choice and every policy of mankind inadvertently affects the fate of mankind's own future. In this talk, Professors Leonard, Weatheral and Caetano will take the audience through an exploration of how to establish ethical standards for the use of technology in its development and use.

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