The 1st

The University of Sydney

China Development Forum


Theme: A Great Power in the Deepening Reform




Understanding China’s development is important to everyone in the contemporary society. Looking back over the past five years, China has undergone an all-round transformation. After three decades of transformation, reform guidelines unveiled by top decision makers set the tone for how the world’s second largest economy will deepen its reforms in the new stage. In 2013, President Xi Jinping presented a new and proactive foreign policy, ‘Striving For Achievement’. Thereafter China immediately launches projects including “One Belt One Road”, 

‘AIIB’ and ‘a Community of Shared Future’. These initiatives have been perceived as the practices of China’s great power strategy.

With an envision to enhance the understanding of China’s internal reforms and the new Chinese foreign policy, the 1st University of Sydney China Development Forum is committed to engaging Chinese experts from different fields to exchange views and to spark ideas on China’s development – of its past, present and future. 


The USYD China Development Forum (CDF) ‒ A prestigious annual conference organized by the USYD China Development Society. It serves as a platform for students, academics and professionals to exchange ideas and hold in-depth discussions on key issues surrounding China. 


Keynote Speakers

John Keane
Bob Carr

Panel Speakers

Luigi Tomba
Wei Li
Jingdong Yuan
Wanning Sun
Salvatore Babones
Jian Zhang
Richard McGregor


Detailed event schedule will be available soon.


Room 1040, The University of Sydney Business School

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